Professionally taught
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Welcome to Othels Art Gallery & School of Art where it is our mission to provide unique programs designed for an amazing experience and an opportunity to explore and develop confidence in creativity and artistic ability. At Othels Art Gallery & School of Art we have a dedicated passion and commitment to helping educate while unleashing the inner creative side. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art takes pride in offering professionally taught art lessons for children grades K-12, multiple art events and programs throughout each year, as well as carrying unique one of a kind modern / contemporary art by local Georgia artist. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art is conveniently located in Alpharetta, Georgia and is happy to serve the art needs of the local community and the greater Atlanta Metro area.



Othels Art Gallery & School of Art | Founded in Alpharetta, GA 2012
Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep.

- Scott Adams

Othels Art Gallery & School of Art is locally owned and operated by Andrew and Kristina Simpson who moved their family to the area in May, 2011. Andrew had an idea and a background immersed in art, with which he wants to share with the local community. He was born in Georgia but grew up in Kansas City, MO. He always knew at some point he would end up back where it all started. He grew up loving and practicing art. He took private art lessons through his childhood and studied art, architectural drafting and design through his years in school. His wife Kristina, is a teacher for the art lessons and is actively involved with the day to day operations. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art is named after Andrew’s grandfather, William OTHEL Barkley. Othel was a great man and entrepreneur. Owning multiple businesses throughtout his life including several cafe’s, gas stations, grocery stores and parking lots. He loved giving his customers great service and working hard to provide for his family. Othel passed when Andrew was a small child, but has always been told by his family how their characteristics and ways are very similar. Andrew wanted to carry on his grandfather’s name and business integrity through Othels Art Gallery & School of Art. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art’s logo was designed by Andrew to represent the business and his family. Othels is spelled using a modern / futuristic font to symbolize bringing something from the past to live and carry on in the present and future, with the L being a paint brush to link the name to the service offered. The five colored circles on the side represent Andrew his wife Kristina and their three children. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art opened to showcase local modern / contemporary original and custom artwork as well as offer art lessons for children in grades K-12. In addition, Othels Art Gallery & School of Art offers several different art events and programs year round.

“At Othels Art Gallery & School of Art we strongly believe that even the natural born artist needs a proper educational foundation for long-term development of skills and coordination; which consistently sparks creative activity and influences throughout life.”


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