Love Learn Art is a campaign and logo adoption of Othels Art Gallery & School of Art. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art is wanting to help bring awareness to the importance of art and the importance of learning art through this logo and campaign. Love | Learn | Art is as simple to understand as it is to say. Love Art, Learn Art as it is key in education development, everyday life and job growth in all communities. Love learn art needs to be a way of life for our future generations. Even after the arts were declared a “core” academic subject and signed into law in education under the “No Child Left Behind” many of our public schools that have been and that still are struggling with budget cuts are continuing to take art programs out of our schools. Elementary schools are losing key art programs more than middle schools and high schools. Which means that younger children are to fall behind in art education and have such a late start learning art that it will most definitely effect their learning ability. Art has been studied endlessly and has been proven over many years to help children develop crucial motor, thinking and decision making skills. The evidence is prominent and continues to grow and support the facts of the pure necessity of art in education through SAT scores and many other academic studies. Students who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Art is education to the fullest. From inside the classroom as a child to a career as an adult outside in the “real world”. Art is an important way in helping us to connect and understand other cultures. Everywhere across the world since the beginning of time art has been used to tell stories and leave memories of what has been and what is to come. From past Egyptian scripts using images and lines to form a written language to 3D renderings of futuristic cars and buildings. Art will always allow us to explore the what was and push the what ifs. While art will always survive and be in front of our everyday it is our responsibility to pass on and encourage our children to understand and learn the importance of art. For more information and facts about art and art in education please take time and enjoy finding information here at on various pages as well as doing some of your own research online.