The art teachers here at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art are truly the best, highly trained, certified, professional, educated, loving and experienced art teachers from the local Fulton County School District and surrounding community. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art’s art teachers create each curriculum for the art lessons throughout each month. The art teachers will lead their students through a continuous understanding of the basic to advanced art concepts and techniques throughout each month of their art lessons. Our art teachers are instructors and facilitators who help students through their art lessons tap into their artistic imagination, while strengthening their understanding of art and their academic skills through art. Children at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art are set up in a safe and comfortable environment where they are encouraged to ask questions and learn hands on while having fun. Your child will enjoy being dropped off at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art every week for their art lesson knowing that they are learning new skills through art while using their creative talent to create a visual of their thoughts!


Education: Georgia State University 2010 (Cum Laude) Bachelors of Fine Art in Art Education
Short Bio: I have always known that I wanted to spend my life surrounded by art. I started my first private art lessons at the age of 6, and had my very first art show by the age of 7. I have spent my entire life living just outside, or in Atlanta, Georgia, and have been so lucky to be teaching art to young children in the Fulton County School District! Part of my love for teaching children is the genuine purity that inspires their artwork. The inspiration for my personal artwork and art lessons derive from my students, as well as famous artists like Henri Matisse, Piet Mondrian, Gustav Klimt, and Alphonse Mucha.


Education: Bachelors of Art in Studio Art
Short Bio: My grandfather was an amazing watercolorist. As a child whenever we would visit him it was always considered a treat for me to go and work in his studio. I grew up in Roswell and went to Fulton County Schools. I have loved learning and practicing art my whole life. After college I started my teaching career at Esther Jackson Elementary in Fulton County. I worked there for 11 years as their art teacher before moving to The Atlanta Academy School in Roswell. I currently enjoy my days teaching art to students from two years old up to eighth graders. When Im not teaching art I love spending quality time with my husband and two kids at our home in Roswell.


Education: Kansas University Bachelor in Business Management, JCCC Associate in Arts
Short Bio: Growing up with my grandma being an artist I myself became interested in art. After I finished my degree I continued my pursuit of interest and enjoyment of education with a couple more years bettering my knowledge and skills in art. I am very grateful and honored to be teaching such wonderful children. Its the best feeling to see their eyes light up doing something they love knowing they will remember me as their art teacher who helped them as they grew. When Im not teaching I enjoy my family. I love being a wife, mommy and friend, and cherish all the great times.


Education: Savannah College of Art and Design -Present
Short Bio: I have been drawing every since I could pick up a pencil. As Ive continued to study and learn art I have fallen in love with animation and what it has brought to the world of art. Now I enjoy teaching and sharing my knowledge of art with our youth and am currently studying animation at SCAD. Once I graduate I hope to live out my dreams as an animator for children cartoons. We all know that children are our future and for me being able to work with them is an opportunity to help better our future of the arts.