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Othels Art offers graphic design production that will immediately benefit your company’s branding; while giving your customers a greater understanding of the product you offer. In addition, Othels Art has an extensive background and craftsmanship in the graphic design industry that will give your company just what it needs to stand out from the crowd. Graphic design is the ultimate way to make your company relevant in a competitive market. At Othels Art we provide one of a kind professional, clean, strong, unique, affordable and truly innovative designs that will impress your customers and competitors. Graphic design can help your business grab attention, create customer recall, build an image, help increase sales, improve market standings, create goodwill and customer connection and reduce time to market. Our attention to detail, at Othels Art, ensures that your finished product is accurate to the highest quality and delivered on schedule at an affordable rate. Great graphic design can make the difference between a flourishing business and one that does not. Contact Othels Art today at 404.965.1ART to schedule a free graphic design consultation.



With over 10 years of graphic design experience in visual identity, marketing materials and presentations your designs are always built to impress!


Othels Art offers a wide variety of print products and options with a fast turnaround, including but not limited to:

Paper Types – 70lb, 80lb, 100lb, 14pt, 16pt, 18pt, 20pt, 32pt, Linen and more.

Finish Types – Akuafoil, Brown Kraft, Edge Cards, Foil Worx, Aqueous, Gloss, Luster, Painted Edge, Pearl, Spot UV, Raised Spot UV, Silk, StarLustre, Suede, Matte and more.

Product Types – Backlit Posters, Car Magnets, Banners, Door Hangers, Catalogs, Stickers, Postcards, Business Cards, Notepads, Yard Signs, Table Tent Cards, Letterheads, Brochures and more.

For your free custom print quote please contact Othels Art at 404.965.1ART, or look below and take advantage of our simple pricing options.


Pricing includes design, print, tax and local pick up (shipping add $5 flat rate per product order), plus free graphic design consultation and up to two revisions. After two revisions billing starts at hourly rate.

BUSINESS CARDS – Standard 2×3.5 / Full color front-back 14pt or 16pt with full UV coating
100 – $45.00
500 – $55.00
1,000 – $65.00
2,500 – $85.00
5,000 – $105.00


POSTCARDS – Standard 4×6 / Full color front-back 14pt or 16pt with full UV coating
100 – $70.00
500 – $90.00
1,000 – $105.00
2,500 – $135.00
5,000 – $195.00


YARD SIGNS – 18×24 / Full color front-back, includes H stake
First yard sign $38.00
Each additional yard sign $16.00 each (of the same design)


BANNERS – Vinyl 2ftx6ft / Full color front with grommets
First banner $70.00
Each additional banner $32.00 each (of the same design)


Starting as low as $240.00

Starting as low as $780.00



Generic name unique: If your name is merely descriptive and/or geographic, the addition of a logo could add to the uniqueness factor of your entire brand. At Othels Art, we believe that uniqueness factor is what every business should strive for, setting yourself apart from others in your industry. You will find this satisfaction at Othels Art.

Personality: How can a product line or service have “personality”? Think of virtually any famous name and what it would lose if their logo did not exist. Imagine if McDonald’s didn’t have the ‘golden arches’ or Nike’s ubiquitous ‘swoosh’ never existed? Would their brands be as strong today if that image wasn’t imprinted on the minds of most consumers? Would those brands have the same “personality” based on name alone? At Othels Art we understand the endless possibilities that branding a unique personality for your company can create.



Instant results: There’s no waiting for your advertisement to be published when advertising flyers person-to-person. Your sales will increase the same day as you launch your advertising campaign. This is the number one reason why every business owner should be thinking about using this form of advertising right now and Othels Art can help quickly get you on your way towards this success.

Low priced: No matter how large of an advertising budget you have to work with, this form of advertising allows you to promote your products and services within your means. Advertising flyers person-to-person is the cheapest form of flyer advertising.

Quite simple: Other forms of advertising require months of planning and preparation. Simply put, you can launch your advertising campaign the same day with the help of the professional graphic design work at Othels Art.

Viral injectors: At Othels Art, our experience in graphic design gives you and your company the advantage of creating flyers with person-to-person access on the streets that is proven to generate word of mouth buzz and referrals.



Proven method: At Othels Art we know that business cards are one of the oldest methods of business promotion, yet they continue to remain popular even though they are simple and low-tech.

First impression: A business card often represents the first impression of a company or service, and provides vital information about the business and its members. In many cases, business cards compliment other more modern marketing methods such as websites, and encourage potential customers to make contact and receive additional product information.



Eye-catching appeal: A custom shirt catches the eye, reinforces a message, proudly displays a logo, and can make people take notice in a “word-of-mouth” kind of way.

Businesses: Companies love custom printed shirts to show off their logos, products and messages. When employees or customers wear custom t-shirts, they serve as mobile advertisement.

Sporting teams: There is no better way to show team membership and loyalty than through the usage of custom printed shirts.

Organizations: Schools, churches, clubs, and other organizations benefit from t-shirt printing to help members identify themselves. They can also be used as fund-raisers.

Party planners: Commemorating special occasions with custom t-shirts is a fun way to make a statement.



Packaging: Be unique in message and appearance with unforgettable and professional CD and DVD graphic design covers. At Othels Art we know that people do judge a book by its cover, and generally it’s the cover or packaging design that draws a customer’s attention to a written work or product.

Message: Graphic design delivers your message, drives sales, and prospects and differentiates you from your competitors. At Othels Art we will work closely with you to help avoid common mistakes that impair the effectiveness of print communication.



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