Student Art Shows

Student art shows are all about the students and their artwork here at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art. Othels Art Gallery & School of Art holds multiple student art shows throughout each year to showcase the students outstanding accomplishments, hard work, understanding and creativity that they’ve aquired and refined during their art lessons. Each student receives a participation certificate at every student art show and grades 4th through 7th and 8th through 12th are judged on their art work shown in the student art show and first, second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth place metals are awarded. Student art shows are a fun way to get the students artwork displayed and shown amongst their peers and family members in a true art gallery setting. While being an artist in the first place is a great thing, as an artist, being able to showcase your art for people to see and enjoy is even greater. At student art shows we encourage the students to invite sibilings, grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members and friends to attend and show support. Every student art show is an evening of fun, filled with great artwork, small snacks, beverages and music! The student art shows are included with art lessons for students enrolled at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art and are free to any family members or friends attending.



– Spring Art Show

– Fall Art Show
October 19th | 7:00-8:30PM



Student art shows are a fun time to gather, enjoy and appreciate the work, understanding and advancement of our students. We greatly appreciate their commitment and hard work that they apply in class and at home with practicing and learning art. Each child will work and advance differently. As artist growing here at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art no matter your current skill set we teach confidence, pride and respect for ourselves and our fellow artist. Judging is meant to acknowledge our students who push to perfect their talent and build upon their skills. Metals are limited and are only given to a hand full of students. Students who do not place should still hold their heads high as they continue to learn and work towards skill and technique building in their art. Every student is awarded a certificate of participation with some stating special acknowledgments for their work. Listed below explains how judging for the student art shows works.

1. Judging is performed and completed with the acknowledgment
of winners and placement before the student art show is held

2. Judges are outside educators, artist and professionals.
Judging is NOT performed or completed by any owner, teacher
or staff member at Othels Art Gallery & School of Art

3. Judges rank line work, coverage, constancy, quality,
technique and fulfillment intent during the judging process

4. Judging eligibility is ONLY for grades 4th-7th and 8th-12th

5. Metals awarded:
1st-6th Place for grades 4th-7th
1st-6th Place for grades 8th-12th

6. Metals are presented to placing students during student
art show